BackCountry Excursions

Experience the backcountry like never before or maybe for the first time ever.

My goal is to give families or inexperienced people the experience of true backcountry camping and exploration, mountaineering and basic climbing...

Many people avoid these awesome adventures because of cost of gear, no experience, fear and numerous other reasons. With my program I aim to alleviate most of these.

Through BackCountry Excursions, ALL of the essential equipment is provided for you at a very low all inclusive cost; Tents, Sleeping Bags, Ground Pads, Backpacks,Stoves and fuel, Water bottles, Water Treatment, Food, Snacks, Drinks and much more....AND all top of the line gear, not your Walmart special... Each trip will also have at least 2 qualified quides to lead and teach you about our amazing wilderness!

Contact Josh for more info and your custom family trip!